We Train Doctors & Chiropractors On How To Diagnose, Document, & Manage Personal Injury Cases.

The need to train doctors and chiropractors on how to diagnose, treat, and manage these cases is why the American Academy of Motor Vehicles Injuries was founded.

The American Academy of Motor Vehicle Injuries was created to fill a need. Overall there have been people who have taught excellent programs about personal injury. These include Arthur Croft and Dan Murphy whose programs had been focused on the mechanism of injury and research. These are two very important parts of the equation but still only parts.

There are plenty of others out there offering certificates for a weekend seminar or watching some videos. While they may offer valuable information, it takes more than attendance to master any subject.

We offer a ten weekend program with a total of 150 hours. Half of that time is devoted to examination and diagnosis. These include two classes on radiology and then three more on spinal, extremity, and cranial nerve exams. Doctors who complete the course work are required to submit recommendation letters from a doctor within their field, a second doctor from a different field and a personal injury attorney before being eligible to take the written test. This test with a pool of over 600 questions covers all the topics covered in the program and establishes a standard for a higher qualified doctor who knows how to diagnose, document and manage a personal injury case.