There are many causes of pain. Pain may be misdiagnosed or simply overlooked. This frustrates those in pain and the providers who aren’t able to pinpoint the cause of the pain and provide relief.

Several pain specialists and former assistant professors of neurosurgery at world-renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital and School of Medicine were determined to provide better care.

A group of doctors from Johns Hopkins Hospital published the research leading to the development of these tests.

They designed a series of Pain Diagnostic Tests patient-friendly online tests scored by Bayesian logic and  artificial intelligence (AI).

Your pain is specific to you. But your treatment may not be. Take the test. Know what to fix. Then fix it to find relief.


Pinpoint Accuracy. Rapid Results. Optimized Outcomes.

These tests act like lasers, pointing the way for providers to arrive at the best diagnosis and specific treatment for you. How?

The Value of Large Numbers: A research team poured over 10,000 Johns Hopkins Hospital charts leading to the test design. 

96%  AI-precision algorithms powered by next-gen technology generate diagnoses with a 96% match to diagnoses of Johns Hopkins Hospital doctors.

Secure HIPAA-compliant testing environment meets the highest security standards, data privacy.

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