Become an Authorized Partner

We have 3 levels of engagement:

Authorized Partner

For those where the entity desires to give a discount to their patients / employees / customers. They will come to the main official website site. Prior to taking the test, they will be asked for a Promo Code. This unique promo code will discount the test set by the promo code.

  • Fees, duration, frequency can be adjusted based on the promo code.
  • Ideal for attorneys, large healthcare entities, employer benefits, insurance companies.

Private Label

If you are an entity that has patients, employees, or a need for fast accurate Pain Validity testing under your website and brand.

  • Your logo and details will be seen as a banner.
  • Promo codes can also be applied.

Affiliate partners

You will be created a unique link that can be placed on your website.

  • Any traffic coming from that website who take the test will automatically be credited to your account.
  • Ideal for attorneys, health care entities, insurance companies etc.
  • Promo codes can also be applied.

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