Diagnostic Optimizer

Before the patient can get the best treatment, both the patient and skilled clinician needs to know the precise cause of it.

A noted pain specialist and former assistant professor of neurosurgery at world-renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital and School of Medicine was determined to provide better care at a lower cost for the millions who suffer in pain every day. A focus on the head, back arms and legs.

With NO UPFRONT Payment or OBLIGATION, our solutions can help if you are in any of these categories, have a desire to increase your income by using your clinical skills to focus on the patients you treat with the highest probability of needing your paying/reimbursable services.

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If you can answer YES to any of these:

CategoryShort DescriptionAction
Primary Care Clinicians  Give the tests to your patients to take prior to your clinical visit   For better outcomes (Increase your CQM/MIPS Score)Packaged Provider solutions. Contact us to get your FREE personalized access and let us prove the outcomes
Specialist Clinicians
Pain Specialists
Focus on those patients that need your services increasing your income   e.g. By office staff administering the tests, orthopedics can increase their income by 300%Packaged solution for Specialists   Contact us to get your FREE personalized access and let us prove the outcomes
Trial AttorneysIndependent tests accepted in courts   Don’t settle on case if the evidence is showing a probability of a higher payment. Packaged solution for Trial attorneys   Contact us to get your FREE personalized access and let us prove the outcomes
Independent Medical Examiners (IME’s)Increase your revenue Improve outcomes Identify Fraud Accepted in courts Independent from physician report Increased level of documentation without the effortPackaged solution for IME’s Free access to training of the issues from American Academy of Motor Vehicles   Contact us to get your FREE personalized access and let us prove the outcomes

Growing Issues

In a tight and costly labor market, companies must be able to control their healthcare costs, employee wellness and at same time be in compliance with local, State and Federal regulations such as OSHA

  • 66% of the costs are lost wages
  • 34% of costs are medically related
  • 20% of claims are fraud related – but hard to prove
  • 80% of claimants are misdiagnosed 1
  • Opioid use on the rise

1 Medical professionals are under increasing pressure to deliver better care in less time with increased liability. This causes clinicians to practice defensive medicine and causing overtreatment (which increases costs).

17-24min is the average time a patient spends with a primary care clinician, this is very little time to find exact causes. Our tests help augment that visit at a very low cost, narrow down the diagnosis and allow a focused care plan and treatment for faster recovery thus reducing healthcare costs.  


If your patients have any of these:

MigrainesBackpainSports Head Injury
Motor Vehicle CollisionInjury at workStill hurt after an X-ray
Still hurt after MRI/CTStrain or sprain for more than 7 daysTreatments do not work
Want a second opinionBeing accused of faking the painToo little time with your physician
Wrist, arm painLegs sprains, twistsNeck, whiplash or spinal pain
Then taking our simple online designated tests will help you get to the more precise cause and thus related treatment.


  • The designed tests were found to be 96% accurate.
  • The John Hopkins team found that up to 40%-80% of the patients were misdiagnosed.
  • Most patients in pain take some form of pain drug which can be addictive. The tests showed reduced narcotic use by 89%.
  • When used in conjunction with the patient’s physician and proper medical tests can reduce the medical office visits by 45%.
  • 98% of the time X-rays will miss damaged ligaments and tendons.
  • 78% of the time MRI’s will miss damaged discs.
  • 7 days is the average time that sprains and strains last (if yours is longer, then there is a high probability that there is something else going on in your body).
  • 17-24min is the average time a patient spends with a primary care clinician, this is very little time to find exact causes. Our tests help augment that visit.
  • Most pain centers or pain management doctors do not focus on the correct diagnosis or correct treatment, they just want to give you symptomatic relief (often narcotics or nerve blocks).

Legal Case(s). Often, physicians do not want to see patients involved in any litigation. Due to our highly successful outcomes, we have assembled a list of highly qualified US Board Certified doctors, many with medical school affiliations, who are willing to evaluate patients who have a pending lawsuit. If you would like to have one of these physicians contact you. These doctors will wait to get paid until the lawsuit settles.


I have had an X-ray, MRI and am undergoing treatment, but why am I still in pain?

Doctors rely on anatomical tests such as MRI, X-Rays, CT scans to make a diagnosis, but pain is a Physiological condition, this means that it is measuring a response to a stimulus.

Anatomy is taking a ‘picture’ but there can be NO picture of ‘pain’. Doctors would need to use Physiological tests such as:

Provocative DiscogramBone Scan
Facet BlocksPET Scan
Root BlocksIndium111 Scans
Nerve BlocksNeurometer Studies for Sensory Nerves

Once you have the correct diagnosis you can get the correct treatment.

Our range of proven tests will help you and your doctor. After taking the tests, they are put through our powerful AI engine and within 5 mins you will receive the output. It will provide you and your physician:

  • A complete and full narrative.
  • Summary of possible diagnosis.
  • A comprehensive history of present illness / injury.
  • A list of proper tests to use for each diagnosis based on the John Hopkins Hospital model.


Pinpoint Accuracy. Rapid Results. Optimized Outcomes.

These tests act like lasers, pointing the way for patients to get a better more optimal diagnoses, treatments, and outcomes.

With so many on market making claims and offerings, why this test? Simple:

The science of 10,000 A research team at Johns Hopkins poured over 10,000 patient records over 17 year period to design the tests using Bayesian logic.

The Technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI) AI-precision algorithms powered by next-gen technology generate a 96% match to over over 69,000 ICD diagnosis codes as classified by International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) published by the World Health Organization (WHO)

The Proven Accuracy 96% with scientific published papers, and even accepted in Law courts throughout the USA, adopted by many clinicians the set of tests can be taken at any time in a secure simple manner in the comfort of your home.

Pain Diagnostic Paradigm Test

This diagnostic tool matches Johns Hopkins Hospital doctors’ diagnoses 96% of the time.

The Diagnostic Paradigm also predicts with 99.99% accuracy what a doctor will find when he operates.

Headache Diagnostic Test

Apart from migraine, there are 104 different medical causes for headaches and 60 different types of headaches have been classified. Taking this test will help you more precisely identify the issues. This diagnostic tool matches Johns Hopkins doctors’ diagnoses 94% of the time.

Pain Validity Test

This test, scored as an objective pain patient, predicts with 95% accuracy that a patient will have abnormal medical testing on the correct medical tests. This test has been admitted as evidence in 30 cases in 9 states, proving patient complaints of real pain.*

*There have been 8 published articles in the medical literature about this test.

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