Headache Diagnostic Test

Apart from migraine, there are 104 different medical causes for headaches and 60 different types of headaches have been classified. Adding to this there is an ever-changing nomenclature associated with diagnosing and treating headaches. Proper diagnosis is the ultimate predictive analytical tool. The headache Diagnostic Paradigm had a 94% correlation which duplicated the diagnosis of the John Hopkins Hospital doctors. It was also found that between 35% -70% of patients told they have migraine headaches when they actually have muscle tension headaches, TMJ or cervical pathology, again underscoring the need for more accurate diagnostic methodology.

This test zeroes in on post-traumatic brain injury, mixed muscle tension-vascular headache, C2 entrapment syndrome, and temporomandibular joint syndrome.

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Pain Diagnostic Paradigm Test

The pain Diagnostic Paradigm and Headache Diagnostic test diagnose and uncover 96% of the time the overlooked Post-concussion Syndromes.

For patients mistakenly called “Sprain or Strain” or CRPS (RSD), these tests provide the right pointers to diagnosis of: Nerve Entrapments, Radiculopathies, Facet Syndromes, Damaged Discs, Instability, Post-Concussion Syndrome, RSD/CRPS, and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.

There are 72 questions and 2,008 possible answers. You the patient can complete these within 40mins in the comfort of your home in a HIPAA secure manner and the tests will be delivered to you within 5 mins after going through our AI engine. After taking the tests, they are put through our powerful AI engine and within 5 mins you will receive in a secure and confidential manner the output. It will provide you, your physician or any other person you may wish to share this with:

  • A complete and full narrative
  • Summary of possible diagnosis
  • A comprehensive history of present illness/injury
  • A list of proper tests to use for each diagnosis based on the John Hopkins Hospital model

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This test, scored as an objective pain patient, predicts with 95% accuracy that a patient will have abnormal medical testing on the correct medical tests. This test has been admitted as evidence in 30 cases in 9 states, proving patient complaints of real pain.*

*There have been 8 published articles in the medical literature about this test.

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